Vishvajit Sande

Project Manager

Documentation 4.5 years
Scoping 4 years
Business Modelling 2.5 years
Planning 2.5 years
Design Sprint 1.5 years

I'm expert in information systems technology, project planning, strategic planning, systems analysis and troubleshooting, quality control, forecasting, scheduling and planning, and tracking of results. I have successfully handled several projects throughout the life cycle starting from requirement gathering till post-deployment help and analysis. I'm a firm believer of 'only thing that is permanent is the change' and so I keep on changing and adapting to my environment.


Positive Attitude
  4.7 / 5
Team work
  4.7 / 5
  4.6 / 5
  4.8 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.5 / 5
  4.6 / 5


English communication
  4.5 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.7 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.7 / 5
  4.6 / 5
Open to learning
  4.5 / 5
Open source contribution
  3 / 5


BusinessHealth & FitnessSocial Networking


  • CodeGrip

    Product Manager

    Software Quality Code Quality

    Codegrip is an automated code review SaaS platform that helps developers to save time in code reviews and to tackle technical debt efficiently. On average, developers spend 10%-20% of their time reviewing code. Codegrip helps the user to save time and money by automating the review process.
    Being part of a growing team, He wore different hats.
    Few things he was responsible for include (but not limited to):
    - Identify and bring emerging trends and technologies that could unlock growth.
    - Collaborate and manage relationships across a broad range of business partners and channels, including clients, associations, and stakeholders.
    - Manage demand and develop product backlog, sprint backlog.

  • OurOffice

    Scrum Master

    Node.js Angular.js React.js Javascript

    OurOffice is an enterprise SaaS platform empowering leadership to measure, benchmark and improve Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) for better business results.

  • OnTheHouze

    Project Manager and Business Analyst

    Project Management

    On-The-Houze is a loyalty experience between business and customer. It helps consumers leverage their buying power with friends. Think of it as your favorite loyalty program – exclusively for you & your friends. It creates a mass network of human resource information promoting and marketing businesses while encouraging compensation and promotion with bonuses and benefits to users and customers.
    Through mobile applications, any Business can build an affiliate network that allows it to reach out to the customer's friends, and provide them with promotions to attract “Mobile Word Of Mouth Sharing” and enhance income to any Business.

  • Vesica

    Project Manager and Business Analyst

    Project Management

    Vesica is a travel app (iOS and Android) which helps the travelers manage their trips. Yelp integration helps the travels get suggestions for food, entertainment, etc. for the places they are flying to. Travelers also get to know the weather and flight stats on the go.

  • thirty2give

    Project Manager

    Project Management

    thirty2give is an iOS app built with an intention to connect the Mentees to the Mentors. Mentees can seek advice on any topic from Mentors with the help of text chat as well as in-app calling feature.

  • Unispace

    Project Manager

    Project Management

    The client wanted to build a solution which will help them manage the office spaces in a better way. We have built a BLE beacon based solution with which the client can measure the space utilization of the entire office area. Admin dashboard helps to view various space utilization reports and employee collaboration reports.

  • ScoopBroker

    Project Manager

    Project Management

    ScoopBroker is Uber for News Footage. It is a platform (Web, iOS and Android) built for the Media buyers (News partners) and Sellers (Citizens) to sell and buy news content.
    It is an extra opportunity for the citizens to earn money by selling the video/photo content to the news channels and also get featured.