Full Stack Developer

.Net 14 years
WPF 12 years
C# 12 years
ASP.Net 9 years

Lead Full-Stack Developer with significant experience in the software industry. Strong leadership and successful team-building skills. Excellent technical, communication, presentation, and customer service skills. Resourceful problem solver with proven ability in getting up to speed and fixing bugs in the pre-existing code, redesigning and re-implementing systems when necessary. Extensive experience in all aspects of PC software development, including applications, UI/UX design, web services, databases, and installers. Outstanding abilities and experience in remote software development/telecommuting.


Positive Attitude
  4.9 / 5
Team work
  4.9 / 5
  4.9 / 5
  4.9 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.9 / 5
  4.9 / 5


English communication
  4.9 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.8 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.9 / 5
  4.8 / 5
Open to learning
  4.9 / 5
Open source contribution
  3.5 / 5




  • Cryptocurrency Web API

    Lead programmer

    C#.NET CoreASP.NET Core MVCEntity FrameworkSQL ServerXamarinSolidityHTMLCSSSASSJavaScriptAzure

    Programmed a cryptocurrency REST-based web API utilizing ASP.NET Core MVC with an underlying database that can create unlimited ERC20 token types using smart contracts, and can accept payments in ETH and BTC. The API also provides additional functionality to the underlying blockchain technology (Ethereum).

  • Taco Run

    Lead programmer


    Designed and implemented a 2D side-scrolling mobile game for iOS and Android. The game, called “Taco Run!”, is utilized as publicity for actor Danny Trejo, who contributed voice work to the game and appears in it as an animated character.


    Lead programmer

    C#.NETEntity Framework

    Wrote a library/development kit that improved the way that the company created ETL programs. Previously, the company’s dozens of ETL programs had separate codebases. These contained mostly identical code that was either recreated for each ETL or copied from program to program. The new library used a single, multi-threaded, library-based codebase to decrease coding by at least 90% and greatly reduce errors.

  • Automated Build System

    Lead programmer


    Co-created an automated build system for the company’s 50+ programs. The system was linked to GitHub so that any code check-ins would start an automatic build.

  • E-Commerce Application Engine

    Lead Programmer

    C#.NETWPFASP.NET MVCSQL ServerEntity FrameworkHTMLCSSJavaScriptSilverlightC++SSRSDotfuscatorGlobalizer

    Wrote most of the software for all parts of the company’s flagship product: functional prototypes, user interface, desktop application, service application, installer, ASP.NET MVC web services, database design, database ETL, and reporting.
    Created a modular, brandable software “engine” using an extensible add-in interface to provide diverse functionality that met the requirements of multiple PC manufacturers, while greatly reducing the time needed to bring new products to market.

  • Server Maintenance Utility Dashboard

    GUI programmer

    C#.NETWindows FormsSQL ServerSSRS

    Added new features to the company’s Windows desktop product. These were mostly UI/UX improvements, such as saving user preferences and improving data presentation.
    Redesigned and added new product reports. Researched and utilized additional reporting components that added capabilities like geographical-based reporting and data dashboards.

  • Multi-User Political Database for California Governor Jerry Brown

    Lead programmer


    Created and maintained a targeted mass-mailing database and multi-user networked desktop application used for three different political campaigns (Oakland Mayor twice, California Attorney General).

  • Consumer Desktop Publishing System

    Lead programmer


    Developed a desktop publishing “engine” that made it possible to create numerous retail products from one code base, which significantly reduced company expenses by saving thousands of hours of development time and eliminating the need for extra manpower.

  • Turbo Pascal 5.5


    8086 assembly language

    Played a key role in thwarting a competitor (Microsoft) from taking market share of Borland's flagship Turbo Pascal product by adding the object-oriented debugging output to the compiler and writing an object-oriented sample spreadsheet program (TurboCalc). Turbo Pascal 5.5 was released with object-oriented language constructs added on to the basic Pascal language, quickly eclipsing the competitor’s product by beating it to market with superior features.

  • 7 Ages

    Lead programmer

    .NETWindows FormsDelphiVCL

    Converted the world history strategic board game “7 Ages” to the computer using Delphi and Windows Forms. Although the board game itself was not that complicated compared to the standards of this genre (12 pages of rules), the bookkeeping, scoring, and card interplay between players were complex, and the computer version took care of this automatically.

  • World in Flames

    Lead programmer


    Converted the World War II strategic board game “World in Flames” to the computer using Delphi and VCL. The original board game took months to play, required a large amount of space (about 20 square feet) and time (2 hours) to set up. The computer version incorporated all the original components in computer form, including a full implementation of the nearly 100-page rulebook. This reduced the physical space of the game to the footprint of the computer, setup time to a few minutes, and playtime to days instead of months. It also made various improvements to the game that were enabled by the computer, such as mapping the entire Earth (except for the poles) and providing unlimited amounts of certain components.